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Shooting Range

NFA & Silencer Shop

Let Sportsman’s Elite help you with your NFA Class 3 Needs!

   Whether it's a Machinegun, Short barreled rifle, Short barreled shotgun, Suppressor, or Any other weapon, Purchasing class 3 NFA items isn't complicated, just time-consuming (7-10 months) and expensive ($205 tax). If this sounds alright to you then the next step would be to purchase the NFA item.

   We highly suggest using one of our valued partners' Silencer Shop for all your Suppressor need. Whether it's purchasing a suppressor from one of the largest selection of manufacturers, Getting a trust started, or purchasing suppressor mounts and accessories, Getting fingerprinted using the Silencershop Kiosk. This is the Best place to start. 

Please select the link below to get started with the silencer shop and don't forget to select Sportsman's elite as your preferred dealer.


Silencershop Kiosk (Fingerprinting):

   Sportsman's Elite uses the Silencershop Kiosk exclusively for fingerprinting to get NFA items, usually when filing an ATF form4 for customers picking up purchased NFA items from Sportsman's Elite or Silencershop, picking an NFA item from another dealer that doesn't have a kiosk or getting the required fingerprint cards for Form 1's. The Kiosk can get this taken care of for you.

   We charge $30 for using the kiosk if you haven't purchased the NFA items directly from Sportsman's Elite or we are not receiving a transfer from the silencershop. Fingerprinting cards for Form 1's can be purchased from silencershop.com only. the kiosk does not print the fingerprint cards.



NFA items not purchased inhouse or through Silencer shop:

   We charge a $75 transfer Fee for NFA items not purchased in-house or from our dealers (we're Silencershop dealers). Purchasing from silencershop and having sportsman's elite as your preferred dealer will bypass the transfer fee as well as having more of a selection in NFA items.

   Otherwise, once you purchase it from what ever dealer you've selected please fill out a transfer request form located on our website under transfers. The form will ask for information about who is purchasing it and from where. This will allow us to send our FFL & SOT paperwork to start the process.

   Once we receive the NFA item we will call you to let you know it's here and to ask how we're going to file it. We highly suggest filing through Silencer shop for ease of use (https://www.silencershop.com/), there you will need to create a profile and purchase the Tax stamp ($205) through the services tab. you will also need to download the Silencershop APP located on the APP stores for mobile devices, The APP will help in taking the Passport photos for the Form4 Paperwork to get the NFA item. You will also need to get fingerprinted, We have the Silencershop kiosk and can capture them in-store once we have received the item.



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